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out the term al-qaeda and inserted extremist in the talking points that went to eventually susan rice and told americans? who edited those talking points? that was the question given to david petraeus on friday, no answer there. >> clayton: we thought we'd get it, so friday we didn't get it. thought maybe saturday, we didn't get it. sunday, no answer, but new insight into exactly some of the editing process done with the talking points and a statement from the white house deputy national security advisor, ben rose, the only edit made by the white house and state department was to change the word consulate to the word diplomatic facility. those are two words. since the facility in benghazi was not formally a consulate. we were presented with points, and the only edit made by the white house was the factual edit how to refer to the facility. no mention though of removing al-qaeda and putting in the term extremist. so still we have a gray area, something in between the white house and the intelligence community somebody edited it. >> so petraeus testified on friday, al-qaeda was a part o
the cease-fire and president obama called him personally and hillary clinton thanked him and susan rice thanked him for their leadership and they were not measured at all in quickly thanking him and congratulating him for brokering the peace deal in the first place, right? >> that's right. one of the questions people have did morsi, it was less than 24 hours after he had helped broker the cease-fire, that was a good thing and had gotten the praise from hillary clinton hillary clinton. that he made the grab for the power and said that all decrease are beyond the review of the courts. and disempowered the judiciary and when it came to checks and balances to him. and did he think now that i've got the support of the u.s. could i use this as a cover to make the power grab and obviously the people in the streets and tahrir square and people burning the brotherhood offices in playses li es alexan, they think it's a worry that thr he' turning democracy into a dictatorship. >> another interesting wrinkle is it all of the aid, financial aid that egypt gets from the united states, and even the im
points to susan rice directly in the chain of command with the state department and turned out to be totally misleading and secretary clinton and general petraeus are both essential witnesses. >> how run of the people that finds petraeus's fishy or-- >> i find the whole story, how it was a fbi matter, investigated so many months and election night that the fbi suddenly realized it involved david petraeus. they're investigating it for three or four months, it's the first thing that he they found out. if they found it out, immediately brought it to the president's attention, a matter of national security. none of it adds up, if it does, the most amazing sense of security. >> alisyn: a congressional race between allen west and his challenger, why an emergency meeting this morning. the so-called fat cats not holding much weight. the law that was supposed to save people had a side effect. that's coming up. ♪ [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm...
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)